Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to BERGMANN KORD S.A.΄s website and refers to the privacy of the information we receive. 

BERGMANN KORD S.A. reserves the right to modify its policy at any time, as its own discretion, and make the alterations public to the site users though the site.


Info Collection

The personal data we collect concern:

* The address of your electronic mail (e-mail), when you communicate with us through internet

* The information you fill out in the forms you submit to us (address, phone numbers, profession, age, photos etc)


Privacy Policy

BERGMANN KORD S.A. guarantees the absolute protection of your personal data, under the relative terms of Greek and European law. The information you provide us will not leak to third parties and for no purpose whatsoever*. It will only be accessible to authorized members of our personnel (doctors, managers)for the proper processing of the:

* Online diagnosis

* Sales of our products through internet.

Your e-mail and the other information you send to us are regarded as strictly confidential.

*exception: all the cases in which may be dangered the security ofthe users of this site, the rights and the property of BERGMANN KORD S.A. may be endangered, as well as cases in which we will be asked to do so by law for specific purposes.

The user has the right in any case to claim and achieve deletion of his data from the personal data records of our company.


Communication via e-mail

If you wish to fill out less data than those needed in our forms, you can send the Communication Form with the information you regard as important. If you wish to receive an answer to a different e-mail address than the one indicated, please inform us accordingly.

For any questions regarding any of the above or further clarifications, please contact us through e-mail to